Purple Iris Studio, LLC

Purple Iris is a 'one-man' operation specializing in small, affordable websites for artists, photographers, individuals, small businesses, and any one needing a basic site. Nothing fancy or pretentious - just clean layout and design, at affordable prices. We do not provide database services or data gathering.

Basic - personal URL

The basic package includes a website generated from a template and customized with your colors, masthead, and photos. You can have as many as eight pages.  For example, this site was created from a template.

You can select a slide show and/or image displays with up to 20 images on each.

This option requires you to purchase a custom url (web address), which currently costs about $15-18/year. It is also dependent on your hosting the site with our company at a cost of $15/month. This monthly cost includes an hour of maintenance per month, which covers changing your photos and modifying your text.

You will have to provide digital images of your work, or photos for scanning. If you prefer, the words 'DO NOT COPY' can be inserted over the image.

  • One-time set-up fee: $85
  • Url: About $15-18 (renewed yearly)
  • Hosting: $15/month

Economy - group location

If you are an artist or photographer we can offer an inexpensive way to get started with your personal website. This is a site which is hosted within the Colorado Artists website.  Your gallery will have a link from the Colo-Artists.com home page. Your address will be: www.colo-artists.com/your_name.html, which will go directly to your page. With this option you do not need to purchase a personal url or set up a personal website until you are ready.

The cost is $60.00 per year plus a one-time setup fee of $50. This includes the maintenance, a gallery page featuring your work, and an additional bio/artist's statement page (two to four pages total).

Maintenance includes changing the display and editing the bio page each month (up to 30 minutes total). See the Joyce Richter art gallery page for examples of an image view display (the gallery) and slide show.

You may select your own colors, insert your personal logo, etc. You will need to furnish digital images of your work or photos for scanning. If you prefer, the words 'DO NOT COPY' can be inserted over the image.

  • One-time setup fee: $50
  • Yearly fee: $60 ($5/month)

Fully customized site

We can accommodate basic shopping carts using pre-programmed software, and we can insert a search function, stat counter, and other basic functions.

Cost is dependent on the size of the site and the degree of customizing, and for adapting specialized functions (shopping cart).

Hosting charges will be dependent on the traffic to your site

  • Home page and up to three sub-screens: From $150
  • Additional Screens: $35 each.
  • Hosting/updating (1 hour per month): from $35