Joyce Richter, Qualifications


The following information describes my education and experience related to web development and graphic arts.

My interests lean more toward the fine arts, but once-upon-a-time I studied graphic art. I was employed as a technical writer for over 16 years, during which time I was also working with graphics using a variety of computer programs. I have had some formal computer training.

As an artist I work in colored pencil, pastel, acrylics, oils, watercolor; and have studied graphic arts and design. I also have an interest in digital photography. I received a 4th place and honorable mention from Red Rocks Community College Photo Contests; and two of my photos were used in the 1999 Lakewood calendar.

Web Experience

I was working for a software development company as a technical writer when they decided they needed a website. This first website was created using Notepad, sometime about 1998. It was pretty basic, but I did manage rollover buttons. Sometime later I discovered Macromedia's Dreamweaver program and have been working with it ever since.

My next project was for CARI, a non-profit bird group. I then began a site to hold our family geneaology. Kim Duggan's site came next, and this was the effort that resulted in the creation of Purple Iris Studio.

I have discovered the 'magic' of templates, which allows sites to be created much faster than hand-coding. These templates can be modified to suit your display needs, including slide shows and image displays. Moreover, they are designed to be compatible with all modern browsers, so the testing and trial-and-error corrections are no longer necessary.


  • BA, Technical Communications, Metro State College, Denver.
  • Regis College, MIS program, Denver (27 credits including programming in COBOL, Pascal).
  • University of Minnesota, Journalism coursework (2 years).
  • Red Rocks Community College, Lakewood, CO. Web design, software programs such as DreamWeaver, Flash, Director; art history and studio courses; photography.